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Carpet Cleaning In Douglasdale
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We are a non-toxic and chemical-free Deep Steam Cleaning Company for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Douglasdale.

Fourways Carpet Cleaning offers Premium Services at the best price. Our Cleanng Technicians always go “Above and Beyond” to ensure the utmost cleanliness!

Carpet Cleaning Douglasdale uses water-based oganic products for cleaning carpets. Our Cleaning Method Is Steam Cleaning Extraction Which Removes All Chemical Residue From Your Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery And Mattresses.

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Mattress Cleaning Douglasdale Is The Best!

For Immaculate Carpets and Furniture!

We provide a high-quality mattress cleaning service in Douglasdale, Jukskei Park to thoroughly cleanse your bed and ensure it remains safe to sleep on.

We provide mattress washing services for any size, including single, double and king-size mattresses. Since we understand it can be difficult to take your mattresses to be cleaned, we can come to your house and complete the entire cleansing process there – making it as easy as possible for you.

Our Mattress Cleaning Douglasdale specialists can undertake a range of washing services including cleansing of mattresses, carpets, upholstery and drapes. We, at Douglasdale Mattress Cleaning also offer deals if you’re getting a number of different things cleaned. Should you wish to speak to a member of our Mattress Cleaning Douglasale team, please fill in our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Furniture Cleaning Douglasdale

Carpest Cleaning Douglasdale is a specialist in cleaning Furniture and removing stains. We additionally provide washing services for drapes, rugs and furniture.

Furniture Cleaning Douglasdale provides a full cleaning service to make sure that all mattresses, upholstery and carpet are as good as new. Our main goal is always to transform the look of furniture making them appear as good as new. Carpet Cleaning in Douglasdale is able to complete premium quality maintenance for both domestic and commercial businesses at good prices. Simply by carrying out an extensive clean, we’re able to get rid of discolourations, smells, dirt and debris from the mattresses to enhance longevity. 

Trusted Carpet Cleaner in Douglasdale

Home carpet cleaning, for basement carpets or staircases, carpet cleaning throughout a condo or apartment building, carpet cleaning in your offices and more.

Our longstanding reputation is your guarantee of quality and reliability, making Capert Cleaning Douglasdale a service to add to your list. We are Simply your Neighbourhood experts in cleaning. If you have not thought about it, now may be the time to have your Rugs cleaned – visit our page on Rug cleaning and put an end to Allergies. We offer complete Dirt elimination using the most powerful Rug cleaning Machine Called a RugDoctor, an excellent complement to carpet cleaning for a better quality of Life.


Carpet Cleaning Northcliff
Effective Carpet Cleaning Without Residual

Our expertise, along with our up-to-date cleaning chemistry knowledge allows us to offer our customers unparalleled results at a good price.

Our high-performance carpet cleaning products are non-toxic and certified 100% biodegradable. For impeccable carpets, entrust the cleaning to a company whose reputation is well established.

Do like thousands of satisfied customers and benefit from the service and advantageous rates we offer for washing and cleaning commercial or residential carpets by calling us now for a free estimate!

Steam Cleaning Your Couch Will Remove Allergens

Of course, it isn’t necessary to thoroughly clean your couch and Carpest every week, but you should seriously consider having it done once Twice A year by our Carpet Ceaning Roodepoort experts so as to ensure that your couch is not a source of allergens and to prolong its life. 

Wish to breathe healthy air in the house? Ask us about our air duct cleaning service, also.

We Also Clean Leather Furniture

We carry out fabric or leather couch and divan cleaning with the greatest care, using quality products. Leather furniture requires special attention and needs to be revitalized when it is cleaned. A simple cleaning of a leather couch without a moisturizing treatment will remove the dirt, but could also remove natural oils from the leather and accelerate drying. Conversely, our professional process will extend the life of your leather furniture.

Feel Even More Relaxed With Stain-Resistant Treatment From Carpet Cleaning Douglasdale

After we have finished cleaning your favourite couch, all you need to do is sit down, put your feet up and relax.

And if you are the type who loves to really relax, without worries, indulge yourself and ask for our stain-resistant treatment. Carpet Cleaning Douglasdale offers stain-resistant treatments for fabric and leather. Our treatments are resistant to damage from cats, dogs, guests, children, baby accidents, and more!

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Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Products

Commercial and residential carpet cleaning: Powerful steam cleaning / extraction

Non-toxic products that eliminate stains, odours and allergies

Carpet washing and rug cleaning in a workshop

 We eliminate damage from small animals.

Spots and bad odours caused by animals, moisture or cigarettes are not resistant to our carpet cleaning service.

Our disinfectant products and powerful steam extraction equipment ensure a beautiful finish and total carpet hygiene, as well as a significant improvement in the air quality of your residence.

Dust in our homes is particularly harmful to health and Carpet Cleaning Douglasale recommends that cleaning at high temperatures is necessary for the elimination of mites.

How To Clean A Mattress In Douglasdale

When we clean a mattress, we generally carry out these simple steps:

  1. Remove sheets and bedding from the mattress
  2. Vacuum the surface, especially within the seams, to remove dust and dead skin
  3. Use a specialist cleaning agent to remove any stains 
  4. Clean the mattress and deodorize the surface using specialist cleansing products 

We undertake the full mattress washing process to ensure that your bed is kept within the best condition. We offer high-quality services at cost-effective prices in order to provide you with the best value for money.

If you wish to have mattresses cleaned at your house, please contact us using the enquiry form provided on this page. An expert will get back to you with more information regarding the cleansing process and the cost to complete a full mattress cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Process in Douglasdale

To start the cleaning, we’ll initially vacuum the surface to eliminate any kind of dirt within the top surface. Then, a solution shall be put onto the carpeting to break up dust that is trapped inside the material. The specialists work with specific chemicals to clean any soiled or discoloured parts within the floor, while not causing damage to your carpeting. We use a brush to agitate the whole floor surface making sure the solution is dispersed through the complete area for a thorough cleanse.

We’ll then clean the carpeting using a specialist machine. Our high-quality apparatus will make certain the dirty water is slowly removed from the carpet. This technique means that the floor carpet may be dry in two hours, creating little interference for your household or facility. To keep pricey carpets and rugs at top quality, we would propose having a regular clean done by professionals. Not only can they look far better but they will likely last longer.

Curtain Cleaning in Douglasdale

We also provide curtain washing services both for houses and business establishments by using a variety of procedures. You don’t need to take your window curtains down and get them to a dry cleaner, because we may complete the service at the location. We may wash the curtains on location, typically less expensive when compared with local dry cleaners.

Our professionals can conduct steam and dry-cleaning subject to your individual needs. The dry clean option prevents the issue of material shrinking or coloured dye bleed on the window curtains. Numerous different materials may be cleaned successfully at your home or business location.

To enhance the quality of your household furniture, we will perform upholstery washing. If the furniture is damaged because of stains or beverages, we may fix this. Instead of just buying new furniture, we offer a service designed to enhance the appearance at a lower cost. Our upholstery cleaning process can recover the look and lengthen its life expectancy so that it is clean, good quality and looks exactly the way you like it.

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