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Carpet Cleaning in Roodpoort offers Sanitisation As Extra To All Carpet Cleaning And All Cleaning Services Offered!

CERTIFIED disinfection with lab-tested 99,99% effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Carpet Cleaning Roodepoort

You may walk on damp carpets with bare feet or socks immediately, but we do not recommend wearing street shoes or letting pets walk on them until they are completely dry. This is because walking on them might cause the carpet to dry with stains on it.

Drying time will vary by the type of carpet, thickness of the pad and the cleaning techniques of the user. On average, it’s best to wait 4 to 6 hours before walking on the carpet after deep cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my carpets? On average, it will take approximately 35 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments.

If you wait until the carpet is filthy, cleaning it will be much more difficult, take much longer and cost more. Vacuum beforehand to remove large particles of soil. Vacuum again after you clean and the carpet is completely dry to pick up soil that wicks to the surface during drying.

In the average household, vacuuming should be done at least twice a week. Now here’s the surprising bit of advice. If you want to extend the life of your carpet, it is important to have it professionally cleaned at least twice a year. According to experts, most carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning method wich is what we use.

The typical dry time for a couch after cleaning is anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. However, with the application of fans, the dry time can be cut in half or better. Some cleaners will bring in air-movers at the end of the cleaning to get the airflow started. This is a great way to speed up the dry times for upholstery.

Although tipping your carpet cleaning tech is not required, if you ask your tech to do something above and beyond the call of duty for you and he does it without charging you extra, it would be a nice gesture on your part to tip him a few rands. But remember, giving a tip is not an obligation.

Carpet Cleaning prices vary depending on the size of the carpet and type of carpets. In the Gauteng area, cleaning a fitted carpet in a standard house may start from R350. 00 per room.

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