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Termites can breach cracks as thin as your credit card so termite removal is tricky. Not for us though. We’ll use tried and tested techniques to free your property temites. Trust Accend Solutions for effective termite treatment.

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When you need professional termite control and termite treatment, Accend Solutions is here to help. In short, no other pest causes quite as much damage as termites do. In North America, termite infestations are known to cause big problems like damaging the entire structure of your home. In outh Africa, the effects are not very different especially with wooden floors, wooden skirtings and roof trusses. Termites eat through your wooden floors, furniture, window frames, doors, and anywhere else in your home where there’s wood. Once termites have gotten into your home, they’re very difficult to get rid of. Preventative measures are recommended in controlling termites and keeping them out of your home.

Once you’ve discovered you have a termite infestation, it is very important to call termite control specialists immediately. Our qualified team at Accend Solutions will get rid of termites in your home, as well as setting up preventative steps to ensure you don’t face another termite infestation. We offer complete termite treatment options.

Termites In South Africa

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Size: 6 mM to 20 mM.

Colour: Can vary in colour from light brown to almost black.

Behaviour: Termites live in colonies, sharing a similar social caste to ants except they don’t have a queen. They must live in warm and humid environments, as their colonies are prone to dying out.


We are licensed to deal with any  fumigation matter. We also have more than a decade of experience dealing with residential homes, commercial buildings, and shipping containers’ fumigation needs. For us, it’s important to help you get control of your pest problems. Not only do we take care of any unwanted pests, but we also guide our clients through a proactive preventative solution. 

Termites Inspection South Africa


In South Africa, particularly Johannesburg, the most common termite species found is the Subterranean termite. Subterranean termites have soft bodies, which dry out when they’re exposed to air, so they have to stay in a damp environment. This means that they stay underground, foraging until they find wood. The wood they find could be a stump or a piece of buried wood, or it could be the lower levels of your house. They can get several feet above the ground, by building mud tubes up the walls of a home or office so that they can explore the opportunities the structure presents. This kind of termite often gets into a house through wood-to-ground contact, entering through doorframes, deck posts, or porch steps or supports. They can also get in through cracks in the foundation or the mortar between bricks, or even through holes in concrete blocks.

It’s important to note that a termite can squeeze through a space as small as  the thickness of the average business card.


  • Termidor SC
  • Borates
  • Sulfuryl fluoride (vikane).
  • Carbon dioxide.
  • Phosphine (aluminum phosphide & magnesium phosphide & eco2fume)
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Our Termite Control Process

1. Termite Inspection

On your initial service, we will hunt high and low for termites, documenting our findings in a comprehensive inspection.

2. Termite Treatment

We will  treat the interior and exterior of your home, targeting the termites you see and the ones you don’t. Outside, we’ll establish an effective perimeter around your property.

3. Termite Monitoring

During ongoing service treatments, we will come back to treat outside your home, fortifying the perimeter to keep you protected. Our custom termite treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal termite activity in your area. This way, you are protected all year long.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a termite infestation, you’ll probably know. They always leave behind warning signs although sometimes you see them too late. Some things to look out for are dry or moist lines of mud anywhere in your home, but especially in the basement or garage. Warped, spotted, discoloured or striped wood may also be a sign of termites. Knocking on wood and hearing a hollow sound can mean you have termite damage.

Termites can cause massive damage to your home as they have a never-ending appetite and constantly feast on wood. They eat your wood from the inside out, making it hard to spot them until the damage has already been done. Some termites shed their wings as they take flight, so if you spot piles of tiny insect wings around your house, you likely have termites. If you’ve discovered you have a termite infestation, it’s important that you act quickly to get effective termite treatment to protect your home’s structural integrity. 

If your home is climate controlled year-round, like most homes, it creates optimal temperatures for termites to live in. If you have any excess moisture in your home, drainage issues, or condensation around or under your foundation, you run the risk of attracting termites.

Termites are attracted to any and all wood. Therefore, your framing, landscaping and any outdoor firewood are all appealing to them. They can enter your home through the smallest of cracks or openings.

To prevent your home from being invaded by termites, it’s a good idea to alter the areas outside your home to make it less appealing to termites. Get rid of any excess wood lying around your home such as firewood. Make sure your plumbing is working properly and get rid of any leaky pipes. If you need expert advise, contact us for a consultation.

Unfortunately, yes. These opportunistic termites are all over South Africa, in every province. Across the country, they do about R5 billion worth of damage to homes and other buildings each year. If you want to keep them out of your home, you’ll need to be proactive.

*Regularly inspect the outside of your home, checking for mud tubes, uneven or bubbling paint, and any cracks or crevices that need repair.
*Repair leaks immediately, and eliminate moisture in and around your home to the best of your ability. Divert water away from your house and don’t allow it to pool around your foundation.
*Keep a 45cm gap between soil and any wooden part of your home, and use mulch sparingly. Never store firewood against your home, and keep vines, ivy, and dense planting away from your home’s exterior as well.
*Make any necessary repairs to the exterior of your home as soon as you notice damage, whether to the soffits, fascia, shingles, or any other part of the house.
*Paint or seal exterior wood, and for unpainted, exposed wood like that found in attics and subareas, use a preventative treatment of Boracare or Timor. These borate salt compounds are easy to apply, have virtually no toxicity issues, and can protect the wood in your home for a decade or more.
*Maintain the interior of your home and keep it in good repair as well, sealing the property to keep termites out, fixing leaks immediately, and regularly checking your home for signs of termite damage.
*Don’t store timber, cardboard, or other materials that can act as a food source for termites in your basement, attic, or crawl space. Don’t leave piles of clothes lying around, because termites will eat fabric, too.
*Enlist the help of a professional termite company like Accend Solutions, scheduling annual inspections by an expert who can make recommendations for both protection and treatment options.

Whether you’re dealing with subterranean termites, drywood termites or Formosan subterranean termites, Accend Solutions uses the most advanced and effective products available in the industry and customizes your plan to best fit your needs. The cost of termite control can vary by termite type, location, size of home and more. However, you can get started with a FREE termite inspection.

Termite damage costs homeowners billions of rands every year in the South Africa. It’s important to take termites seriously, because the longer a colony goes undetected, the more damage it can do. Don’t risk it. Different termite types require different termite services. Terminix professionals are thoroughly trained on how to treat for termites, including properly using the products and processes required to protect your home. 

Discovering winged termites indoors almost always indicates an infestation warranting treatment. Since the swarmers are attracted to light, they often are seen around windows and doors. People usually confuse winged termites with ants, which tend to swarm at the same time of year. Termites have straight antennae, a uniformly thickened waist, and wings of equal size. Conversely, ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists, and forewings that are longer than the hind wings.

Termite swarmers are often confused with winged ants.

Termite swarmers are often confused with winged ants.

Swarms of termites emerging from tree stumps, woodpiles, etc. out in the yard are not necessarily cause for concern, and do not automatically mean the house is infested. On the other hand, if swarmers are emerging next to the foundation or from abutting porches or patios, there’s a good chance the home is infested as well.

Other signs of infestation are earthen “mud” tubes extending over foundation walls, support piers, sill plates, floor joists, etc. The mud tubes are typically about the diameter of a pencil, but sometimes can be thicker. Termites construct the tubes for shelter as they travel between their underground colonies and the structure. To help determine if an infestation is active, the tubes may be broken open and checked for the presence of small, creamy-white worker termites. If a tube happens to be vacant, it does not necessarily mean that the infestation is inactive; termites often abandon sections of tube while foraging elsewhere in the structure.

Termite-damaged wood is hollowed out along the grain, with bits of dried mud or soil lining the feeding galleries. Wood damaged by moisture or other types of insects (e.g., carpenter ants) will not have this appearance. Occasionally termites also bore tiny holes through drywall or plaster, accompanied by bits of soil around the margin. Rippled or sunken traces behind wall coverings can also be indicative of termites tunneling underneath.

Termite-damaged wood has soil lining the feeding galleries.
Termite-damaged wood has soil lining the feeding galleries.

Oftentimes there will be no clear indication of infestation. Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Termite feeding and damage can even progress undetected in exposed wood because the outer surface usually remains intact. Confirmation of termites often requires the keen eye of a professional — however, even the most experienced inspector can overlook signs that are hidden.

Termites are cryptic. This damage was discovered when a vacuum head broke through a baseboard.  


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