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Trusted Furniture Cleaners in Ferndale since 2014

Furniture cleaning carried out by Furniture Cleaning Ferndale offers you the same unparalleled, quality furniture cleaning that has made our reputation.

Our truck mounts heat the water for cleaning at very high temperatures. This boiling water and steam mixture at 100degrees celsius and hits the fabric at high speed and dirt is destroyed. If you have a beautiful sectional couch in suede, ultra-suede, imitation suede or micro-fibre, we will refurbish it guaranteed, no matter how dirty, stained or smelly it is. You will not believe your eyes when you’ll see our couch cleaning result. During cleaning, the water is sucked directly into the truck with high power, carrying away dirt, without leaving residue in the fabric. For cleaning in multi-storey buildings, such as office towers and condominiums, we use our portable, industrial-strength, cleaning machines. At Furniture Cleaning Ferndale, our technicians all have 10 to 15 years in the trade and have perfectly mastered stain removal methods.

Whether it is due to our carefully selected experts, our more powerful machinery, our professional products or our prices, you can always entrust Furniture Cleaning Ferndale with the cleaning of your fabric and leather furniture.


We are also experts in the cleaning of furniture in delicate fabrics and leather with other methodologies and professional product ranges. Be wary of cleaning products if you have a living room set upholstered in natural fibres, such as cotton, wool and linen; when trying to clean them, you may create brown or rusty halos around stains. If you wash the whole piece with the wrong product, a natural fabric piece may become covered with dark, brown, indelible circles. If this has happened to you, call Furniture Cleaning Ferndale; if the fabric discoloration is recent, we have a solution to save your furniture.

You can completely trust Furniture Cleaning Ferndale to clean imported couches or chairs, as well as local brands. In addition to living room furniture, our Carpet Cleaning Ferndale expert cleaners also do your chairs, bed head and footboards in fabric or leather, mattresses, cushions, and more.

Our reception is always waiting for your call +2783 357 4409 | +2768 474 7303

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When Cleaning, Enjoy Our Furniture Protector

After impeccable furniture cleaning, take advantage of our durable and effective fabric or leather protectors.

Carpet Cleaning Ferndale offers stain-resistant protection of the highest quality at very competitive prices. Our stain-resistant protection for Teflon fabric provides 20 years of protection for your furniture. Places such as armrests, backrests and seat cushions are the most commonly stained and soiled. Applying stain-resistant protection after cleaning your furniture will prove especially helpful, and these sections will stay clean longer. Frames and bases are less affected by damage; however, when a large quantity of beverage is spilled, it will sink into the sides. Sometimes, children may also draw on the back of the furniture. Some pets love to rub themselves on the base of living room furniture; people who have experienced this know the consequences well. In short, all furniture components need to be protected, in order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

The leather protector from Carpet Cleaning Ferndale protects your furniture for four years against the worst enemies of leather, such as the transfer of colour from clothes and colour changes due to light. After four years, we suggest you do a moisturizing treatment to soften the leather, and then re-apply the leather protector.

Call our reception to find out more about our protectors. Our offers are affordable, and our durable professional protectors extend the life of your furniture.

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Our furniture cleaning Ferndale specialists are particularly effective. Their expertise allows us to offer furniture cleaning services at affordable prices without detracting from quality. Cleaning is meticulous; if you have removable armrests or backrests, they are removed to thoroughly clean everywhere. When cleaning reclining furniture, Carpet Cleaning Ferndale will, of course, open the furniture out so as to clean all areas. We perform cleaning by steam extraction or hydrolysis using our powerful portable machines.

The cleaning of your furniture progresses quickly and is well done, the floors are protected from splashes, and everything is clean by the time we leave. Carpet Cleaning Ferndale Always Does A Perfect Job!


Cleaning fabric furniture, mattresses, couches, and divans with our method eliminates dust mites that are not resistant to the heat of our cleaning and are suctioned out by our equipment. When Carpet Cleaning Ferndale cleans your furnishings with our industrial machines, the air that is sucked out with the dirt doesn’t circulate in your home, but is expelled into the dirty water recovery tank in our machines.

Our innovative business model brings together the very best in professional cleaning in Johannesburg locale. We share our experiences and unique cleaning skills to provide you with unmatched results in furniture cleaning.

We have an excellent knowledge of all types of furniture upholstery fabrics, as well as leather furniture. Exclusive expertise and unique cleaning skills allow Furniture Cleaning Ferndale to achieve unmatched results for all types of furniture upholstery fabrics and leather.In addition to cleaning, we apply a stain-resistant protective treatment that is more durable than that offered by the competition or in stores. Carpet Cleaning ferndale, an independent local company without intermediaries, offers you low prices and quality results without compromise! Entrust the task of restoring the beauty of your furniture to a company with a solid reputation. Also, count on Mattress Cleaning Ferndale/ Carpet Cleaning Ferndale to eliminate mites from your mattresses.

Do what thousands of satisfied customers have done – enjoy unparalleled service and outstanding promotions. Call us and we will make you an unbeatable offer for cleaning your furniture.

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Our recommended cleaners are experts in the washing of furniture made of synthetic fabric, wool, cotton, micro-fibre, ultra-suede, velvet, rayon, linen, leather, including new furniture designs, and antique furniture.

Our multitude of suitable cleaning solutions ensures perfect results every time.


We apply a deodorant and natural disinfectant after furniture cleaning.

Ask about our stain-resistant treatment; we will apply it on your furniture at your request when cleaning is completed.

Our protectors are effective against damage; they repel dirt and protect from ultraviolet rays that damage colours.



Over time, furniture needs to be cleaned. Your furniture accumulates all sorts of dirt. It is used in everyday life for sitting on, lying down on, and leaning on.

Children eat snacks there, play on it, and sometimes pets like to install themselves there. Restore your fabric and leather furniture to their original appearance with professional cleaning provided by Furniture Cleaning Randburg. Dirt accumulated on armrests, headrests or seats, as well as stains and odours, are not resistant to our furniture cleaning. A quick inspection allows Furniture Cleaning Ferndale to identify the material that covers your furniture and to remove stains before cleaning with the appropriate product. To remove stubborn odours, such as cat urine or cigarettes, we inject a product into the padding.  For allergie elimination in you place, you may also want to get a duct cleaning service



Ferndale Carpet Cleaning will carry out the cleaning of leather furniture with products of very high quality.

Our cleansers and conditioners nourish and enrich the leather to restore its original flexibility and prolong its life. Carpet Cleaning Ferndale leather cleaner effectively removes dirt embedded in the pores and fine grooves of leather. Regular maintenance of your leather furniture will prevent cracks and rapid wear. A moisturizing treatment is recommended once a year. It will give a new look to your furniture.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet/ Furniture Cleaning


We also offer a leather furniture repair service.

Our Carpet Cleaning Ferndale Technicians can repair scratches or tears, and correct surfaces by applying stain if there are indelible spots or if the finish is damaged or discoloured. We can give you a quick estimate for repairs, including tears and damaged finishes. Book our Ferndale professional carpet cleaners now. To get a free estimate or to make an appointment, call 083 357 4409


Our Furniture Cleaning Ferndale experts excel in the cleaning of chairs, couches, benches, and office partitions in companies. We are reputed to be efficient, competitive and, above all, recognized for unparalleled results. Our expert team with nearly 12 years of experience has the solution for your chair and couch cleaning needs in Ferndale.

Our portable equipment is effective in all types of buildings, whether at ground level or in high-rise buildings. Carpet Cleaning Ferndale has an unmatched reputation with a diverse clientele, both in the public and private sectors. Whether you are a small business or a large company, contact Furniture Cleaning Ferndale/ Carpet Cleaning Ferndale for a free estimate! We offer a promotion for companies that combines carpet cleaning and chairs.

Elimination of stubborn stains on fabric furniture by Carpet Cleaning Ferndale

Our chair and couch cleaning products are formulated for stubborn, food-based stains, such as grease and dye. We can also remove gum, and accumulated black or dark circles.


When cleaning chairs, couches or benches, Carpet Cleaning Ferndale can apply a stain-resistant protective treatment to your furniture. Depending on the number of chairs, we will provide you with a good price. It is really worthwhile to apply protective treatment especially on chairs, even more so than on any other type of furniture.



Mattress Cleaning Ferndale is one of the few companies in the field of furniture cleaning to have chosen to deploy teams of two technicians. Whether it is for small or big jobs, teamwork is always more effective. The precision and speed of execution of our well-established Ferndale Carpet Furniture Cleaning team will enchant you. If your time is precious, this is one more reason to choose Furniture Cleaning Ferndale.

Our Ferndale Furniture Cleaning technicians are seasoned experts in the cleaning of furniture made of synthetic fabric, natural fibres or leather. They are just as good at cleaning carpets, rugs and mattresses. Our multitude of suitable cleaning solutions ensures perfect results every time.


We mainly use steam extraction, with pre-treatment, but also dry cleaning or cold water extraction in some cases. The process we use depends primarily on whether your furniture is covered with a synthetic or natural fibre fabric. We use a wide range of products from suppliers in various countries. In the majority of cases, all spots disappear, and the results are amazing. The furniture becomes like new again.

Drying takes on average 2 to 6 hours depending on the ambient humidity conditions, air circulation and also depending on the type of fabric and the cleaning method used.

Do you clean cotton fibre furniture?

Yes. We clean all types of fabric, natural or synthetic. We are particularly renowned for the cleaning of delicate materials that some companies refuse to clean because their staff is not always sufficiently experienced.

A good cleaning, followed by a deodorizing treatment, eliminates odours. The deodorizing treatment is carried out by vaporization and injection into the furniture. Common odour problems are due to pet urine, cigarette smoking, moisture, or lengthy furniture storage.

Yes, we dry clean furniture covered in certain types of fabrics.

Never. All our products have been reviewed with this in mind, for the health of our customers and our staff, since we use these products on a full-time basis, year after year.

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It takes about an hour and a half to clean the furniture in a home living room with our team of technicians. To evaluate the duration of commercial chair cleaning, call us. The time depends on the model of chairs, and, of course, the quantity.

How often should I clean my furniture?

It really depends on how your furniture is used, and on how much it is used.

For health reasons, a cleaning every three years is recommended. People who have children or pets sometimes clean well-used furniture every year.

There is no absolute rule. Cleaning and moisturizing treatments for leather furniture are recommended once a year to keep the leather supple, in places where the air is particularly dry.

Mattress cleaning is increasingly in demand. Studies show the importance of cleaning mattresses to remove the micro-organisms that settle there. We lose small particles of dead skin every night, which serve as food for dust mites. Mites are detrimental to health, according to Health Canada.

We have specially formulated protective treatments for various types of furniture. The application of protective treatments on residential furniture is a very good choice and a profitable investment. For office chairs or restaurant benches, a stain remover is a very good investment.

We often have promotions. The price varies according to the number of seats and cushions, and the condition of the furniture. Call us to find out about our promotions.

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