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Pest Control Sevices that Go "Above and Beyond!"

Accend Pest Control and Fumigation Services specializes in the extermination, removal and control of pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, rats, bats, flies, lice, termites, dust mites, fish moths, ants, ticks, bed bugs, mice, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions and various other pests, including the relocation of bees. Our Pest Control and Fumigation Services team has built a reputation over time to such an extent that our clients keep using our services for their pest control and fumigation needs. This is because we ue safe and yet highly effectivective. We are also trusted as a reliable Pest Control Company in Gauteng because our after-sales services and guaranteed workmanship have also stood the test of time.

Let us put an end to any infestation – Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Booking

Make a booking for a day of your preference (same-day and emergency services are also available) and share as much information as possible about the pest that is bugging you.

Step 2: Inspection

He will inspect your property from head to toe in order to assess the scale of your infestation, locate the pest’s entry points, and suggest the most suitable service for your needs.

Step 3: Treatment

The professional is equipped with specialized pesticides and gear, supplied by leading pest control product providers and will apply the most practical way of treatment based on the level and type infestation.

Step 4: Follow-up

Our guaranteed treatments include 1 extra follow-up visit for free that you can use should the pests resurface after the initial treatment. Our exterminators will always finish the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pests that live in and around homes may cause harm, cause damage or grow in populations that make living in your home undesirable. Pests such as wasps and hornets can hurt you while rodents and roaches can carry disease. Carpenter ants, termites, squirrels, moles and rodents can all cause significant property damage. Pest control can prevent damage and disease from entering your home

Just like taking your legal issues to an attorney or sending your taxes to your accountant, a professional pest removal company understands the next steps to take to ensure the best outcome for you. A professional pest control service offers the expertise and tools necessary to help alleviate pest problems quickly around your home or business. Our expert pest technicians are excellent, providing better results than 99.999% of do-it-yourselfers.

Pest control is safest when performed by a skilled professional, trained in the proper usage of treatments and label requirements. A professional technician will typically use less treatment due to their expertise and understanding of using the appropriate volume in the right location.

The amount of treatment required to be effective is very low. Unless misused to a significant degree, it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere close to a harmful dose. Everything we use is safe for children, pets, the elderly and the sick.


Fly swatters work great, but it depends on the size and history of your pest problem. For example, if you see a few ants outside, you might be able to stop the problem with an over-the-counter product. The vast majority of infestations, however, are usually past the point of remedy by DIY solutions. Some solutions may even make the issue worse.

Remember: most professional pest control companies offer a warranty, including us. With DIY pest control, you’re the warranty.

While it might seem counterintuitive, if you’re going with a DIY approach, it’s much more effective to attract roaches and kill them, rather than simply repel them. Roach bait traps are safe and available over-the-counter, making them ideal home remedies. The food enclosed inside of the traps ‟bait” roaches to come eat, but the food is laced with a delayed insecticide. This slow-acting formula ensures the roaches won’t die in or around the traps, which would alarm other roaches to keep away. Instead, the poisoned roaches go back to their nest and die, all the while expelling poison through their feces and sputum, exposing and killing other roaches in the process. Place bait traps in corners, flush against baseboards, or both. Be sure to use at least 10 traps in the kitchen and two in the bathroom, adding more traps for additional rooms where roach activity is spotted or suspected.

Boric acid does indeed kill roaches, but is only effective when applied correctly. It should never be applied as more than a light dusting. If you can see the powder from afar, so can roaches. Although boric acid is a natural roach killer, it can still be poisonous to humans, so never apply it to an exposed surface that comes into contact with your own food or water supply. Boric acid doesn’t work if the application area gets wet. It must be applied in high-traffic areas so the roaches walk through it. This can prove difficult since roaches tend to travel in tight, covered areas of your kitchen, bathroom and inside your walls. As the roaches come into direct contact with the powder, it sticks to their antennae, bodies and legs. During grooming, the roaches ingest the boric acid and die

In addition to not always reaching the right areas in your home and possibly being harmful to your pets and family, home remedies for pests have a number of other drawbacks. For instance, if you live in a multifamily dwelling, only treating your own living area isn’t enough. Roaches will “wait out” the treatment in other areas that you don’t have access to, and then re-infest your home. Another big problem with home remedies is that there’s no guarantee they will work. You might wind up wasting time and money trying different “solutions,” only to end up right where you started – with a roach problem. A pest management professional will draw up a battle plan to help keep your home pest-free well into the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, even a clean home can still attract roaches. Roaches enter structures like buildings and homes searching for food, water and shelter. Since there will always be all three in your home, roaches will always seek comfort there, despite successful DIY treatments. This is why a pest management professional is so important. The war against roaches must be ongoing and the approach relentless.

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