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Are Rodent Bait Stations Safe For My Property?

Understanding Rodent Bait Stations

Rats, mice and other small rodents can present a serious health hazard to any home or business premises, especially businesses where hygiene is essential, such as catering or medicine. Rodent bait stations are a popular and effective option to eradicate, or at least drastically reduce, a rat or small rodent infestation. However, despite their effectiveness, many people have concerns about the safety of bait stations, as they contain poisoned bait that might harm pets and even people. In order to make an informed choice about the safest and most suitable pest elimination method, we’ve put together an overview of bait stations, so you can weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of this method.

How Do Rodent Bait Stations Work?

A rodent bait station is a small, usually plastic, box with a hole that allows pests to enter. Inside the box is a highly toxic bait, so any rodents that consume the bait will die. Many rodents also transfer bait back their nest where it will be shared with others.

Benefits of Rodent Bait Stations

  • By providing an unobtrusive means to deal with a rodent problem, bait stations are highly effective.
  • Each unit is clearly affixed with warning labels, to ensure they comply will all current health and safety regulations.
  • The boxes or stations are available in both plastic and metal, and although plastic is generally preferred, metal stations are more durable and robust, so in some situations, such as outdoors or public areas, they offer enhanced tamper protection and longevity.
  • Bait is available in variety of formulations, including grain, paste and blocks, so you (or a pest control expert) can chose the formulation most effective for your type of pest problem.

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  • Choosing a solid form of bait can also provide protection against spillages, and because bait stations are tamper- and weather-resistant, the boxes can be safely placed outside, without the risk of non-target animals, or even inquisitive children, coming into contact with the poison.
  • If you have young children or pets, a station is also a viable alternative to other pesticide or toxic treatments. Some other treatments will leave residues behind that can be dangerous to non-target animals and humans, whereas in a bait station the poison is safely contained.
  • The boxes are small, so only small pests can enter, which again protects larger animals from coming into contact with the bait, but also means that rats, mice and rodents, will feel safe to feed for longer periods of time, increasing the chances that they will consume a deadly dose of poison.
  • We understand that for many, pest control cost it is a factor that will greatly influence your decision. Bait stations are not only very effective, but are also low cost. The are more cost effective than paying for other regular treatments.

The Drawbacks of Rodent Bait Stations

The main disadvantage of bait stations is that there is never any guarantee rodent getting inside. Even if they are placed in an area well-known for rodent visits, if they already have a reliable source of food, they may not ventur into the station.

Secondly, the rodents may not actually take the bait. Some can be quite particular with their tastes. If they are present in your property, it is likely they have a reliable food source.

It’s always recommended that a pest control expert assists you with the placement of the station. This ensures the bait and boxes are safely contained to prevent unitended poisonong of people and animals.

Are Rodent Bait Stations Right for Me?

As we can see, bait stations offer a safe and effective solution to small rodent control in many situations. There are always individual circumstances that may make bait boxes an unsuitable or unsafe solution.

Many bait boxes are sold as a DIY pest control solutions. However, recommend choosing a suitable pest control method after discussing your options with a professional. An expert pest control service will develop a thorough understanding of your property. Accounting for individual circumstances and the size and type of pest problem before recommending a solution. They can also recommend the ideal type of bait and the placement of the box.  Also practical prevention advice that can help to reduce the likelihood of the problem returning or worsening.

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