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How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning and What Works Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution When shampooing or cleaning carpets in the home, the carpet may be clean, but the moisture left behind must be removed. Removing moisture quickly prevents the growth of mold and eliminates the risk of bacteria growing and the associated odor. The easiest way to […]

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5 Stains You Didn’t Know You Could Get Out of Your Carpet

Carpet Stains Carpet stains can be a real pain to get out. The good news is that if you tackle them quickly by using items commonly found around your house and following these steps below, you should be able to remove even the most stubborn stains from your carpet. Here are some removal tips from

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Does Boric Acid Kill Cockroaches?

Ever wondered, ‘Does Boric Acid Kill Cockroaches?’. When applied correctly, boric acid is an effective method to kill cockroaches. However, if applied incorrectly or too generously, boric acid can lose its potency. Furthermore, because it is actually a powder, it can create a big mess. If you aren’t comfortable with applying boric acid or believe

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Pest Control and Fumigation Services Randburg. this revealing photograph, we shed light on the unmistakable signs of pests in homes across Randburg. The image captures various visual cues that indicate the presence of unwelcome guests. Droppings and urine stains are prominently displayed, serving as clear evidence of pest activity. Additionally, chewed or damaged structures, such as gnawed wires or furniture, stand as testament to the destructive nature of pests. The photo also highlights the discovery of nesting materials, tracks, and unpleasant odors, all pointing towards an infestation. These signs, if identified in your own home, should not be ignored, as they serve as warning signals to take action and seek professional pest control services. Witness the evidence of pest intrusion in Randburg homes, emphasizing the importance of early detection and swift intervention to restore comfort and peace of mind.

Benefits of Facilities Management to your Company

Facilities management (also known as FM) is the professional process of managing and maintaining the facilities within an organisation. The facilities can include an office complex or site, electrical and mechanical equipment used within the company and any other physical resources at the site which can be a potential health and safety risk to employees.

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