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How to prevent rodents from entering my home during winter?

Prevent Rodents from Entering Your Home  Winter in Randburg can drive rodents to seek shelter and warmth inside homes. Accend Solutions is here to help you understand how to prevent these unwelcome guests from invading your living space. By following these essential steps, you can protect your home and ensure a rodent-free winter. Inspect and […]

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Spider Control | Spider Removal Roodepoort and Randburg | Spider Fumigation Services Randburg | Pest Control and Fumigation Fourways

What do you do when you find Pests in your rented property?

Pests in Your Rented Home Discovering pests in your rented property can be distressing, but fear not! Whether it’s unwelcome ants marching in your kitchen, cockroaches scurrying across the floor, or mice making themselves at home, there are steps you can take to address the situation. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Bird Mites

Bird Mites Here at Accend Solutions, we are often asked to identify lesser-known insect species which have been found in the home. One of these is the bird mite – also known as pigeon mites, red mites and bird lice – which can be mistaken for bed bugs. They do pose a risk to humans

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Rat Control in Roodepoort, Randburg and Johannesburg. Get in touch with Accend Solutions for Rat Control, Rat Removal, Mice Control and Mice Control Services in Randburg, Roodepoort and Johannesburg

Tips on Rodent Control and Rat Removal Services

Rodent control is a major issue for many homeowners. Rats and mice have the ability to transfer diseases, contaminate food and cause structural damage. They are also accomplished chewers, known for gnawing their way through barriers with their powerful front teeth. In fact, the word rodent originates from the French word, rodere, which means “to

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