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Thatch Treatment and Thatch Pest Control in Randburg

P esdt Thatch Treatment

All across Randburg people that stay in thatched homes are plagued with Insects and particles created by Insects. Accend Pest Control in Randburg is proud to announce our new Thatch Treatment services. We have a team of experts that are trained to treat thatch with a long lasting and deep penetrating treatment that helps prevent Insects and other organisms from inhabiting your beautiful house.

Thatch Treatment Randburg is a rare and largely unheard of service in the Insect Control industry. Cockroaches, Fishmoths and Mites inhabit homes here in Randburg and cause a nuisance in many residences. They push out dust and dirt from Thatch that in turn falls on your working surfaces, bedding and even in your food in many cases.

Our Thatch Treatment Randburg team of professionals can help.

Given the nature of Thatch and that its a natural substance, combined with the lovely warm and humid ambient temperature that Randburg has to offer. Thatch is host to so many arthropod pests. Insects such as those mentioned above thrive if given the correct conditions. The more favorable the conditions, the larger and faster growing the Infestation will become. Insects rely on heat and humidity to speed up their metabolism.Our experts are equipped with the latest in chemical technology that clings to thatch ensuring long term Insect free thatch. This combined with our industry based knowledge should make us your number one choice.

What exactly is a Thatch Treatment Randburg?

This is a treatment carried out to protect your thatch from Crawling and Flying Insects. The treatment of insecticide is applied using a ULV machine, this breaks particles up into Ultra Low Volume mist. This Chemical mist penetrates deeply into your Thatch and creates a residual effect that clings for longer lasting results.

Look no further than our  Randburg team of experts. We have mastered the art of any and all aspects of structural Pest Control and are leaders in the Randburg area. If you want a free no obligation quotation for Cockroaches, BedBugs or even Flies, call us right away. Our staff are friendly and full of industry knowledge.