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Benefits of Facilities Management to your Company

Facilities management (also known as FM) is the professional process of managing and maintaining the facilities within an organisation. The facilities can include an office complex or site, electrical and mechanical equipment used within the company and any other physical resources at the site which can be a potential health and safety risk to employees. In this article we analyse why FM is so important to a business.

Why Is Facilities Management Important To A Business?

If your business is now at a stage where you have a large site to manage and the responsibility of employees, you may consider seeking help from a company which has the skills, experience and resources to take care of all of this for you. This is where an FM company becomes important to your business. By handing over the responsibility of managing and maintaining your site to an FM company you will have less to worry about. The facilities team will ensure that all the utilities within your organisation are compliant with industry regulations.

The Importance of A Facilities Management Company to OrganisationsFumigation and Pest Control Experts Randburg

Many organisations are now starting to identify the importance a facility management company has on their business. Here are the benefits a facilities management company will bring to your business:

-Managing & maintaining the buildings, people and assets of the business.

-Enable a more cost-effective working process within the business

-Improve the efficiency of the business

-Maintain complete compliance

Over the recent years FM has gained importance as organisations have recognised that well managed and maintained sites help businesses to operate more effectively and improves processes. Our FM team is built up of dedicated professionals who are involved in the day to day management, maintenance and repair of an organisation’s site. We are a facility management company that arranges strategic activities that assists client’s business on cutting down overhead costs, increase productivity and improve processes. Our task as an FM company is vast but is not limited to the following:

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-Planned, preventative maintenance

-Lift and elevator specialists

-Health and safety

-Electrical inspection and testing

-Fire safety services

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-Gas, plumbing and heating services

-Emergency and reactive maintenance

-Pest control services

-Electrical inspection and testing

-Portable appliance testing

Why Choose ACCEND Solutions® for your Facilities Management

ACCEND Solutions® is a growing FM company based in Roodepoort, Gauteng . Over the years the ACCEND Solutions® has built a dedicated, skilled and experienced team of professionals within the industry. With engineers and construction teams based up and down the province the company is able to offer FM services to a variety of organisations in Gauteng. ACCEND Solutions® is focused and dedicated on becoming one of South Africa’s most respectable facilities management companies. If you are interested in outsourcing your FM services or cleaning and soft services to ACCEND Solutions® please contact a friendly member of the team on 083 357 4409 or email info@accend.co.za with your request.

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