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Commercial Bird Control Services in South Africa

Professional Bird Control For Your Commercial Business

Pest Birds like starlings, pigeons, and sparrows are all part of the natural environment, but when they invade your commercial facility, they can prove to be a real nuisance. As well as bringing noise, feathers, and droppings, they can also carry disease and damage your commercial property. This is why it is important to have a professional bird control company handle any bird issues your business might be facing.

Dangers Associated With Pest Birds And Bird Droppings

Pest birds can carry ectoparasites like fleas, mites, and ticks. All of these ectoparasites have the ability to transmit diseases to customers, employees, and livestock.

Pest bird droppings often contain a litany of different diseases from the e-coli to fungal diseases like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, which are especially dangerous to people with compromised immune systems.

Pest birds can also damage facilities and equipment, creating drainage issues and fire hazards by nesting in small crevices, drains, and gutters. Not only that, but pest bird droppings can stick to buildings, potentially eroding the structure and compromising the integrity.

Common Pest Birds


In urban environments, pigeons prefer to nest in the artificial cliffs created by tall urban buildings with accessible ledges and roof spaces. These birds are commonly known as “sky rats” because of their ability to transmit potentially fatal diseases like salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, and tuberculosis to people. Their feces can be deadly, as it can contain deadly fungal and bacterial diseases which is especially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems.

European Starlings

European Starlings are noisy nuisance birds that can do serious harm to humans, pets, and livestock. These pest birds can transmit parasites, like mites, fleas, and bat bugs, as well as potentially fatal diseases, including histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, and chlamydiosis. Additionally, the combined weight of a flock of European starlings – which can be up to 20,000 birds in the winter – can break branches and disfigure trees making it a hazard for any structure nearby.

House Sparrows

Sparrows typically live near humans because it provides them with some security from natural predators. Sparrows transmit diseases which affect humans, pets and livestock. Some of these can be fatal, including beef tapeworms, chlamydiosis, erysipeloid, Newcastle disease, salmonellosis, schistosomiasis, and toxoplasmosis.

These pest birds also wreak havoc on commercial properties; deface buildings and facilities with their nests and droppings. If a nest occurs in a heavily infested location, Sparrows can be surprisingly aggressive, often attacking any potential threat to their nest.

How Accend Solution Controls Your Bird Issue


When your Accend Solutions technician starts a bird control inspection, identification is essential. As your technician will need to determine that the bird in question is in fact a nuisance bird (pigeons, sparrows, starlings). This is to ensure that bird species protected by federal and provincial legislation remain undisturbed.

Bird Control Methods

Exclusion & Deterrents

When it comes to making a property unattractive to birds, exclusion and deterrent methods are the ideal solution. These can include a variety of different tactics such as netting, bird wire, pyrotechnics, along with a host of other approaches customized to your facility.


Depending upon the size and resilience of the flock, trapping can be a necessary part of an effective bird control program. Offering quick and humane removal of pest birds, a trapping approach ensures that the birds have access to food, water, shelter, sufficient space to move around within the trap in accordance with government regulations. Additionally, your Accend Solutions technician regularly check the traps to ensure the necessities are being provided and humanely removes any pest birds within it.

Habitat Modification

In order to ensure that your property remains bird-free, habitat modification is an important part of an effective commercial bird control program. Your Accend Solutions technician looks for possible sources that may be attracting birds to your property and will advise on how to effectively modify the area to ensure that it is no longer attractive to any roosting birds.


Depending on the scope of job involved, your Accend Solutions technician applies a disinfectant to the area in order to ensure a sanitary space to treat.

This sanitation process also reduces an area’s nesting fidelity; the likelihood that a bird will come back to a place where they have nested in the past. By reducing nesting fidelity, birds have a lower likelihood to return to your property, as the evidence such as droppings have been removed from the area.

Common Places Where Birds Can Pose A Threat

When looking at common spaces where bird control may be necessary, it is important to know that birds prefer to nest in spaces where they can roost.  Such a place is where birds regularly settle or congregate to rest at night and have protection above their heads. These common spaces can include:

  • Retail Stores (Signage)
  • Restaurant & Food Services (Signage, Canopies, Patios)
  •  Apartment/Multi-Unit Buildings (Balconies)

Get Bird Control Services From Accend Solutions

We have over 8 years of experience and a team of knowledgeable bird control experts.  You can rest easy knowing that your domestic and commercial bird issue will be professionally controlled. To get started, contact your local Accend Solutions branch today!

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