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DIY Carpet Cleaning: Why Its Not A Good Idea.

DIY Carpet Cleaning or Take the Help of a Pro?

Carpets give any home or office an aesthetically pleasing look and whether it’s adults, children or pets- everyone sure does find them comfy! When the same carpet is accumulated by dust, dirt and stains, it’s time to get it cleaned but not DIY Carpet Cleaning !

Have you ever tried to do carpet cleaning yourself? Then you must be aware that it’s hard work!


If you are one of those people who is thinking of doing the carpet cleaning yourself, think again! This is because while regular vacuuming gives you the satisfaction that you are doing your best to guard your beautiful carpet against dirt, dust and mould, etc, it is not enough to keep your carpet in optimal condition and can be an alarming factor for the spread of diseases and accidents.

In other words, individuals hire professional carpet cleaners for a reason and you should too! If that’s not good enough to steer clear from the DIY, here are some other valid reasons that you should check out!

5 Good Reasons to avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning!

Lack of Understanding on Product Usage & Mishandling

When we mishandle something it ends up worse than before. The same applies when you try to clean the carpet yourself.

For example– you buy a certain product you feel can clean up your carpet mess but are you certain of the amount of carpet cleaner required to clean it or which one to use to not cause any wear and tear in your carpet fibre?

Choosing the wrong carpet cleaning product in addition to not using it properly causes carpets to end up rough, smell bad and sometimes even get damaged irreparably.

Choosing a professional carpet cleaner as opposed to doing it yourself, will ensure that you put your carpet in good and knowledgeable hands that know the process and are well-equipped with the best products.

Using Excessive Amounts of Water

You might think- how can something like too much water cause harm. Isn’t water the best thing when it comes to getting things cleaned?

Unfortunately, not when it comes to carpets! Carpet fibres are very sensitive and can easily weather off if left too wet- thus, ruining the foundation of your carpet!

Also, a carpet that is too wet, is a breeding ground for bacteria growth such as mould which ultimately leads to the spread of various diseases to you, your family and even pets! This is why avoiding doing carpet cleaning yourself is a good idea!

Professional carpet cleaners have advanced water pumps as well as equipment that utilizes the appropriate amount of water as well as premium dryers that dry that ensure carpets achieve a thorough cleaning!

‘Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning is a Costly & Time Consuming Affair

Bummer isn’t it?! But it’s true. When it comes to cleaning the carpet yourself, you need to purchase or rent equipment and also buy the right cleaning solution.

Furthermore, an inexperienced job will lead to wasting these resources and therefore having to buy more solution!

In case you want to clean up stains, you need to invest in spot treatments, which cost even more than regular carpet cleaning solutions.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the time needed- after all time is money too. Carpet cleaning is no quick process. At the end of the day, it’s best if you avoid doing the carpet cleaning yourself.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Enough for Stain & Odour Removal.

When bacteria grows in carpets and is left to fester, it can leave behind an unpleasant and lingering aroma.

Whether it’s old food, pet urine or mud, these can get buried deep into the fibres if not treated quickly. Times makes them difficult to remove even with a steam cleaner.

Stains on the other hand are persistent and no matter how much you try to clean the carpet yourself. Even the most effective home remedies can fail and leave behind a trace of the stain. Sometimes it can spread the stain further, leading to damage.

A professional carpet cleaning company has advanced cleaning equipment and techniques that can remove even the toughest stains.

Carpet Cleaning Yourself Isn’t an Effective Way to Remove Irritants

Children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues are more susceptible to increased health problems caused by dirt, dust and allergens left behind due to improperDIY carpet cleaning.

These can even lead to airflow inhibition, as debris closes off the areas in carpet fibres. This makes carpet stuffy for you and your family as it affects air quality.

Vacuuming eliminates only a part of these contaminants from the carpet (just on the surface). Most dust, dirt, embedded bacteria, mites still remain, without proper cleaning.

Professional cleaning services have high-temperature washes that can remove all these deeply embedded contaminants. The allergens and bacteria are additionally cleaned through a sanitation process, reducing the risk of seasonal health issues as well infections.

The Bottom Line with DIY Carpet Cleaning

The best reason to not do carpet cleaning yourself and hire a professional is that you get the quality clean.  You

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Carpet Cleaning Services Randburg

deserve to keep your home healthy and smelling fresh in addition while saving you time, money and stress! Don’t make the mistake of damaging your carpet. Carpet damage is easier done that fixed.

Our expert cleaners at Accend Solutions use the latest and most advanced technology and methods. We promise to deliver deliver you the best carpet cleaning service! Overall, keep your home free from skin diseases, allergies and illnesses associated with an unclean carpet with professional carpet cleaning!

We are fast, effective and reliable. Why not book a carpet cleaning now and see the results for yourself!

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