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Keep Calm and Get Your Carpets Ready For The Holidays

It can be a mad rush at this time of the year getting ready for the Holidays, but keep calm and prepare your carpets for the onslaught of foot traffic and the inevitable carpet spills that come with the joy of seeing family and friends during these festive days!

How do you prepare your house and carpets for the holidays?

Needless to say, you want your carpets looking their best when you have guests and family over for the holidays. You may be thinking you can clean your carpets on your own, but with the hustle and bustle of getting everything else ready, this may be more than you can really manage.

Keep calm, we can help. A thorough vacuuming of every room in the house is in order, but to get a thorough cleaning that will also afford a level of protection during the holiday season, seek the help from a professional carpet cleaner.

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Restoring the health and beauty of your carpet will give you the look you want for the holidays and help the carpet stand up to the new foot traffic as well as its other often unknown job of filtering the air.

With professional carpet cleaning, your carpets will get a shampooing to remove the deep down dirt buried in the carpet fibers. This will strip away any stains, bad odors, dullness, nasty microorganisms and leave it the warmth and softness you want for the holidays. Once the carpet dries, the carpet can be treated with a protectant that will help keep your carpets looking clean.

Here are a few decorating tips that will also protect your flooring

While decorating your home, add some rus and mats with holiday colors or motifs. It will help provide the holiday feel to your home, but also protect your carpet and flooring from spills or dirt from all the traffic and festivities.

Consider a “no shoes” policy for those family get-togethers, and a “no walking around the house with food or drinks.”

What About the Holiday Carpet Clean-up after the New Year?

You can always call Accend Solutions Carpet Cleaning Experts on 083 357 4409 or email: info@accend.co.za

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Accend Solutions as we help you keep your Carpets clean!

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