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Wasps-Wasp Control in Roodepoort

Wasps & Wasp Control Roodepoort

Don’t Get Stung; Call Preventive Pest Control Today!

Wasps-Wasp Control Roodepoort | Pest Control and Fumigation in RoodepoortAlmost all of us have some sort of an incredibly painful memory of being stung by a bee, often from childhood. Bees will usually only sting to protect their colony, making this a somewhat rare experience. Wasps, on the other hand, will sting far more frequently, as the act of doing so will not actually kill them. The Roodepoort area is home to several different species of wasp, and they all have one thing in common: they aren’t something you want around your home. When you discover a wasp problem, because it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point, the Roodepoort wasp control team at Accend Solutions Pest Control can come to you and eliminate the issue to help you keep your property safe.

Accend Solutions Pest Control is specially-trained to handle wasp infestations of all different shapes and sizes. We understand the threatening and intimidating nature of these creatures, and we use specialized techniques and methods to eliminate them quickly and effectively in order to keep them off of your property. We offer wasp services for both residential and commercial customers, meaning we’re ready to handle your needs wherever they might be. And we have a longstanding reputation for success and outstanding results in doing so. When you demand the absolute best for your home, reach out to us and we’ll make sure your problem is dealt with properly.

Are wasps running out of control on your property? Are you sick of the fear of being stung? Call Accend Solutions Pest Control at +2768 474 7303 today.

Are Wasps a Bad Thing?

This may seem like a silly question but there is some merit to it. Is it actually worth your while to have a population of buzzing bugs that have painful stings to them? Well, the answer is, on occasion, yes. Wasps actually help keep the population of other unwanted and harmful pests down, including mosquitoesfliesspiders, or other smaller insects. That being said, wasps are intimidating, and certain aggressive species need to be properly dealt with.

We help with all types of wasps common to Roodepoort, including:

  • Paper wasps: The most harmful species of wasp common to the Roodepoort area. Stings are extremely painful, and they are known to attack viciously when something or someone threatens their nest.
  • Bald-faced hornets: These wasps are generally extremely large, are highly-common to the Roodepoort area, and are known for being particularly aggressive.
  • Southern yellowjackets: The sting from a southern yellowjacket may not be as painful as one from a paper wasp. They are even more unafraid to use it. Southern yellowjackets are extremely aggressive, and will not hesitate to send a swarm of workers to sting. They threaten people or animals repeatedly and frequently to ward them off.
  • Mud daubers: Mud daubers are not particularly harmful to humans. In fact, they are not known for being particularly aggressive to humans unless you aggravate them through capture or harm. However, they do have a pestering downside. They build a huge collection of big, ugly dirt and mud nests anywhere dry and somewhat protected.

The Health Hazard of Wasps

Wasps, much like bees, are a potentially life-threatening problem on some properties. Being allergic to a bee sting means even a single small sting could put someone’s life in jeopardy. That also means a potentially aggressive wasp nest could be incredibly dangerous. When you spot signs of a wasp colony accumulating on, it’s best to have it taken care of right away.  This will protect your loved ones and any others who may come to visit.

If you’ve got a wasp problem, don’t hesitate to contact.